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Remote Desktop Connection for Mac

Remote Desktop Connection Client for MacRemote Desktop Connection Client for Mac is here. Working on my Mac mini, sometimes I had to do things on my server. Consequently, I had to start one of my machines to connect to to the server remotely. Using the Remote Desktop Connection Client that’s a thing of the past. there are some nice features, not seen on the Windows client, that way: copy and paste seems to be working from and to the host system and you can print on your Mac printer while being in the remote session.

Mac Essentials for using a Microsoft Wireless Mouse

There are some Microsoft Mac essentials that need be on my Mac. Windows Media Player and IntelliPoint at least. I have also found but not tried yet an update for Virtual PC, which maybe can solve my previous installing issue.

Mac and other Platforms

I especially recommend IntelliPoint if you use any Microsoft Mouse. I became very frustrated by my Wireless Optical Blue Mouse on the Mac. It was slow and sticking; improving the speed within the Mac’s System Preferences did not improve the handling very well. However, the IntelliPoint software does support the devices very well, and by using the IntelliPoint pointer speed option instead of System Mouse Tracking the performance and reliability of the wireless mouse is improved dramatically.

Microsoft Mouse

It also has some additional information on the mouse, depending on the attached device. After replacing my Optical Wheel Mouse USB with the Wireless Optical Blue Mouse I got this additional tab showing the battery level.

Microsoft Mouse

CanonScan N650U

One of the first things to fix was to bring my CanonScan N650U to work with my Mac. Canon offers a plug-in for the CanonScan N650U. I tried MSN Search and some Google Groups but I did not find any helpful solution. Actually I had no idea what to do with the package, so I started the CanonPI CS-U Installer in the package. After the installation, the system needed to restart. After reboot, it was possible to scan images in Office using the Canon plug-in Module CS-U 3.8.

Canon Plug-in Module CS-U 3.8