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You are a start-up developing software being confronted and overwhelmed by agile methodologies?

You are an established player in software development but you stuck with old-fashioned management styles and development and deployment processes?

You are in trouble applying new paradigms and methodologies and you need a new view?

Microservices, SOA, Client-Server, SaaS, Cloud or any other buzzword you might enter? Not sure which architecture to choose?

You are a development, operations or DevOps team who wants to move things ahead?

Maybe the following will be interesting to you

  • Analyzing and reviewing established development and deployment processes within your team, company and/or products and shifting you to a modern DevOps approach
  • Analyzing and documenting established or future architectures
  • Reviewing and establishing toolchains for agile processes and agile infrastructures based on your needs
  • Supporting you while introducing agile and lean approaches and methodologies  (XP, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, DevOps)
  • Improving your existing architectures based on best practices in the field of software engineering and software architecture 
  • Regularly reviewing your processes and/or architectures
  • Providing training and on-site courses for small and larger groups

Especially in the field of agile methodologies and lean management, I work together with trustworthy partners and trainers, I personally know from previous projects. Everything based on your requirements and needs.

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