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LibraryThing Widget

I just spend some minutes this evening updating the LibraryThing Widget CSS styles.

LibraryThing Widget

The DIV classes used by LibraryThing are as follows:

.LTwrapper .LTheader .LTitem .LTprovided

LTwrapper is for the whole widget, LTheader only for the “Random books I have” line, Ltitem for each book and finally .LTprovided for the footer “powered by LibraryThing”.

However, to get some more flexibility in the layout you should make usage of the cascading property in CSS and define the .LTitem img class to position the images. It could look like the following then:

.LTitem img { float: right; margin: 0px 0px 0px 10px; }


Writing a blog entry takes some time, Twitter let’s you easy drop a line about what you are doing right now. It includes mobile phones (yeah!) and instant messaging. Unfortunately It does only include GTalk, LiveJournal and Jabber – no MSN Messenger. The API is quite simple and the widget provided is pure HTML/JavaScript. I remember about that suggestion while performing the theSpoke tests a few years ago. BtK and me have seen some potential in this…


Do you know this feeling?

“I know what to do, and how to solve the problem, but I do not know the bloody API.”

I just met the guys implementing the Krugle search engine over here at ICWE 2006. And it does work quite well.

Web Map

I just checked out the Kartoo map using aheil as query. Interesting links and relations are found by this tool. But I do not have any clue how is realted to the whole map.