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Unit Testing CheatSheet

I am a big fan of cheat sheets. Some time a go I created a cheat sheet for test driven development (TDD) unit testing. Recently I looked at it and thought it might be worth sharing it. It covers the Right-BICEP, CORRECT and A-TRIP principles introduced in Pragmatic Unit Testing by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas.

Ilker pointed out, that the TDD cheat sheet is quite misleading. That’s right and if you see the cheat sheet is called Pragmatic Unit Testing CheatSheet. To keep consistency, I tried to remove TDD as good as possible, even from the file names.


Download:  PDF or XPS (zipped)

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  1. IMHO, this is no TDD cheat sheet at all. It’s a very good cheat sheet for unit testing. However, it’s more or less “of little value” for TDD practitioners.

    If you’d name it “Unit Testing Cheat Sheet”, it’d got the awesomeness factor. That way, it’s misleading at least.

    • andreas andreas

      Indeed, you are absolutely right. If you are looking at the sheet, you already see that it’s called ‘Pragmatic Unit Testing’ cheat sheet. But the blog entry is a bit misleading. I am going to change it right away.

  2. Duncan Duncan

    Both PDF and XPS files give me 404 when I attempt to download.

    • The links to the downloads have been finally fixed 😉

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